Many years ago, people would advertise in newspapers, in the radio and television. Today we still find ads in these media platforms but the number of ads has fallen massively. Companies used to place lots of job vacancies in local newspapers and Sunday papers. Today they go to places like Xing, LinkedIn or big job boards like monster. The newspaper job ads cost the companies a lot of money and the online platforms also demand payments.

What has changed for small and medium enterprises?

The cost of lead acquisition has fallen. Ads can be targeted at a quite precise audience.

For companies who never advertised anywhere times are tougher. It is no longer easy to get customers into retail stores. In big cities you already see small shops closing down. Even large malls having to close down, because the retailers are no longer willing to rent a retail space that does not attract buyers. Even if your business does not have retail space, you still need to promote your brand and products.

A manufacturer of niche printing machines can not know all buyers worldwide. There will always be an opportunity to expand the client base. They can run ads to target companies that need such equipment. They can even use geofencing to tag people who purchase products from competitors or even go to a training center of a competitor.

If your business includes a language school that provides training for commercial pilots then you do not necessarily have to limit your market to 10 km around your school. You can get students from you next state or even from other countries that are 2 hours flight away. We have a client in South Africa that trains pilots in the official curriculum required for international pilot licenses. Originally, they were just focusing on their home town. Then expanded to the entire nation and now they are rapidly growing beyond the African continent.

A language school does not have the ads budget of a multinational global player that sells luxury cars worldwide. If you focus on what is relevant to the desired audience then you can put your budget to work as best as possible to get a maximum return. Nevertheless, online marketing is also becoming more expensive and complicated.

Is there a way to increase the value of my market visibility while reducing the long-term cost of lead acquisition? Yes, that is where backlinks are an investment in the future.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. Why are backlinks so important for a commercial website? The more backlinks you have pointing back to your website, the more popular it will be from the perspective of a search engine.

Why are back links so important?

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization (also called SEO) because some search engines will give more credit to websites and online shops that have a good number of quality backlinks. Based on these factors a search engine will consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

The objective of a search engine is to deliver most relevant results that will keep people returning to the search engine to find answers to other questions they might have. If a search engine keeps delivering irrelevant results, then users will not return and the revenue from search engine advertising will drop. Search engines needs paying advertisers to cover their operational costs. If advertisers cannot get enough sales from advertising on that engine, they will also leave and the engine will go offline. That is why so many search engines from the 90ties disappeared from the market and only left google, Bing, yahoo and Baidu as the remaining market participants.