Let us tell you Who We Are: PR Media Reach is a Marketing Consultancy and Advertising Agency that helps entrepreneurs and corporate organizations see through the fog of a globalized world of marketing.

The reputation of the experts goes beyond the county borders:


Our clients gain insights into the trends in marketing so that they are able to be 8 steps ahead of competition. In leaders are given exclusive access to master minds where they can exchange ideas with other CEOs and receive coaching from our marketing authorities.


Our strategic management consultants advise chief executives on how to drive their business growth while balancing the existing organization and the dynamic world outside of corporations. Such consultations have been provided to CEOs behind closed doors in Toronto, Munich, London, Stockholm, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Orlando and Los Angeles.



Furthermore, ACATO GmbH is an enterprise fully owned by Germans citizens and is bound by german privacy laws to keep data of clients confidential.

Any tool that ACATO develops or provides to a third party is only developed internally. No programming is outsourced to companies abroad. Therefore, source codes never leave the company premises. The testing of tools is done to the best possible level. Nevertheless, we rely on partners abroad to test the tools in real life scenarios.

Nevertheless, research and development is a process that continues over many years.