Reaching your audience is so important in todays overcrowded world of social media and business. Instead of burning your marketing budgets in places like television ads where your target audience is no longer present, we go straight to the places where your potential buyers and purchasing influencers are happy to consume your marketing content.

As a niche business focused on developing its own tools and combining them with other leading marketing tools, this is where PRMediaReach offers a competitive advantage for its corporate & small medium enterprise (SME) clients. Its data driven engine was built by digital forensics experts who usually advice the security services and police. Hence, making use of cyber intelligence for a marketing purpose is what sets us apart from the crowd of marketers.

Strategic Marketing Advisory

Market Entry, Online Marketing & International Marketing Strategies, Masterminds

Make more out of your marketing budget and activities by getting insights that put you ahead of your competition. Know how to enter a new niche or regional market by applying our international marketing strategies, that got awards from International Magazines, Monash University (partner of Harvard University) and the leading Export Consultancy in Australia.

In order to successfully introduce a product into a foreign market or launch a new brand one needs to be 8 steps ahead of what will happen depending on the route you chose and the response from the market. For us a market entry strategy is more than just placing ads or organizing a road show. It is about the entire product to market strategy that ensures the ideal audience is reached, the product delivery costs are reduced and the quality of service is top.

Organic Visibility Services

Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing

Make use of your niche topics to increase your foothold in your sector. Content that is relevant to your audience will boost your business on a long-term path and help you even in times you are not paying for advertising. Your competition is not doing this as they do not use smart strategies and tools to keep the workload at a reasonable level.

Websites that have been written 100% for Search Engine Keywords are being penalized by the leads such as Google as they do not deliver quality results and are often absolutely not relevant to the user’s needs. Hence, a good SEO should not be designed as a short-term method to be on the first page of google as it will not last.

Having built several businesses in Europe the founder of our company was used to creating quality content to attract the right audience. Eventually he started helping companies of joint venture business partners to build their healthy backlink marketing and content strategy. Many of them had relied on advice that got them way behind page 100 on google or even punished for using black hat tricks.

Our founder got them back on to the road of success whether they had a set of dental hospitals, seminars or exported products around the world. Even on a speaking tour to Canada, one of the event organizers asked for help to get their own corporate clients properly advices on how to get out of obscurity and build a marketing strategy that would yield a better return than what they had been doing unsuccessfully for the last 2 years.

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, International Magazine Advertising, Social Media advertising

Get more leads at a faster rate by being present on a variety of platforms. Even organic visitors to your site will not escape your marketing message and eventually decide to do business with you. Too many companies struggle to survive on a zero-marketing budget strategy as they hope posting on social media and collecting referrals will help them generate a few sales.

The right combination of advertising, marketing platforms and content can produce a higher yield at a low budget than just relying on referrals. Small boutique and large brands make use of strategically placed ads to overtake the competition and get the sale before others have a chance to be noticed by the buyer.

In order to succeed with a given budget entrepreneurs need to have a proper media planning as advertising costs drop when a business has done its homework to build a powerful visibility in the internet and social media. That is why PR Media Reach does not follow the traditional path that media advertising agencies apply to their way of promoting their clients. Our intention is to grow a healthy audience following and warm up leads so that when they see attractive promotions they are more willing to enquire about the offer and eventually complete a successful purchase.

Media Visibility

Press releases, Article placement, Product Placement

If the media does not know you exist, they cannot take you seriously. Most companies underestimate the power of media visibility and confuse this with old style newspaper advertising. If you do not know how to approach the media then you will most likely damage your reputation. New products and services can be placed in a set of media such as magazines, newspapers, television at a rate that will help sales to close more deals and remove buyer remorse.

The founder of PRMediaReach originally started doing marketing for his first businesses and as part of this wrote 3 press releases for his business every month. In order for it to be worthwhile investing the time, effort and budget into PR he made sure the content was relevant and attractive to journalists. Because he had been a publisher of 2 online magazines, he knew what journalist want and what gets them frustrated. Going the right path got him attention from big brands and top authorities which eventually became his clients and opened for him doors he would have never dreamt of even touching. Today some of his businesses do not need to rely on highly expensive advertising that is very ineffective in todays world of social media consumption.

The world would be boring if it were not for businesses working together to help each other’s clients. PRMediaReach has partnerships with selected media companies in other regions to help facilitate the introduction of our clients to the media contacts of our partners. Whether its about getting audience & search engine optimized articles placed in strategic online magazines around the world or getting interviews with the right editors at newspapers, the media teams work together across continents to get what the small to large client needs.

Brand Creation

Powerful Brand Naming, Strengthening Brand Credibility, Brand Introduction Strategies

A branded product or service has a higher attractivity and can call up a higher price. That is why some of the top brands can sell their products at 5x the price of what their next competitor and still make a higher total operational profit that the competition. Good branding needs the right naming and strategy. Using innovative strategies makes it much easier to stand out of the crowd while not confusing the audience, so that a niche domination can be reached at a faster pace.

If you are a speaker, coach or entrepreneur then we can help you gain more credibility so that you land the deals you really want. Our branding advisors can help you build a branding strategy that will get you the attention of the media for the right reason. Our media profiles help you land an interview on TV, Radio or in leading magazines. Branding is not free but a investment into a brand that will stand out from the crowd.

Our branding services have helped nice leaders to gain the additional credibility and maximize the potential of these results by following our customized niche leader advice.

Marketing & Funnel Automation

Ads, Copy Writing, Event promotion Ads, Speaker Promotion, Chat bots, Infusionsoft/keap, Clickfunnels

It takes up to 32 touch points to get a lead to buy. Sounds like quite a lot of work just to get someone to call you, visit you or even buy from you. A large variety of touch point interaction can be automated. With the help of our automated workflow experts we will let your visitors feel they are chatting with you. Even emails and text messaging can be automated at a very reasonable cost and free up a lot of valuable work time so that you focus your core time of those leads that are already willing to buy.

So many companies struggle with building a funnel because they do not understand the technology nor the culture of the platforms where they want to advertise their offerings. They confuse themselves and the people they are getting to visit their pages. Unfortunately, the companies believe a website would be the right place to send leads from Facebook or google.

A good landing page has to display a text and layout structure that is built on audience relevant and psychologically adapted copy writing. This is where our certified experts apply their knowledge and skills to build a funnel that is based on a roadmap that delivers not only user friendly landing pages but also advertising that drives traffic to the right place and helps build credibility so that leads do engage in a business conversation with the sales representatives of that company.

If you would like to understand more about marketing automation, sales funnel and promotional strategies feel free to read our marketing insights section of this website or book a ticket to our exclusive 3-day masterminds with our marketing experts in one of our locations (Munich, London, Miami, Toronto, Johannesburg).

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