Website structure

When you create or update your website you need to keep it healthy. This means you need to search for broken links. You want to have a website that converts more leads instead of irritating them with error pages. This health inspection is necessary as any link that is an external link or internal links must have a valid target page. So, if you have a page on your site with a link pointing at a website that no longer exists or a page on that site that has been deleted or renamed then you urgently need to remove the link or repair the link. Search engines to not like dead links on a website. It sends the crawler bots into error pages.

Double content

Do not copy text from your website onto other domains as it will generate double content. The longer the duplicate text the more it will hurt you. Even near duplicate can be recognized by the sematic algorithms of modern search engines. That is why online and printed magazines like the Business Booster Today Magazine require you to submit unique content.

Server speed

Keep your website lean. Avoid flash. Some wordpress apps still smuggle into your website flash code. Hunt for flash and get rid of it. If your website loads slowly you will not get as many leads converting on your page as they have little patience with your site.

Content logic

Try to structure your text in a logical sense. Even paragraph head lines help the readers eyes keep track of where they are currently in the text flow. Just imagine you are reading on a smartphone a long text. you want it to be easy to read.


The keyword in the title and inside the first paragraph helps you keyword ranking. Of course there is more to it, but this is one first task you can quickly fix on your pages.

Internal linking

If you have added new pages on your website that could be related with other older pages then add a link on the old page to point towards the new page. Deposit that link inside the wording of the existing text. Do not drop it at the bottom of the page.

Orphaned pages

Sometimes we reorganize menu and if your system is outdated it might remove the links and leave the pages as orphan pages inside your website structure.

Up to date Sitemaps

Best practice is to use plugins that automatically update your sitemap. The sitemap has to be registered with google webmaster tools to improve googles handling of your updates.

Site quality helps local ads to drop in cost

By increasing your content quality and site health you will help your advertising budget, too. If you are advertising locally your ads have a great chance of costing you less. You need to ad some strategic elements in your website layout to increase your ads relevance. If you want to run geo targeting you will be ahead of your competition. A professional website set up should avoid certian complexity. Avoid systems like typo3 as they limit your flexibility as business owner.


The canonical is a set URL that you state as the main address should a page be broken or link unreachable. Keep that updated and for all pages.

No index

Is there content you definitely do not want to have crawled then tell that to search engines. It saves them effort and you a good ranking.


Keep your robots text updated and tell what folders they are not to access.

JavaScripts and complexity

If you have a website that has highly complex structure multiple CSS files and JavaScript files that have be loaded then that will massively slow the visitor down and drive the visitor away.

Content Lifetime

Avoid using content that will be outdated in a few weeks. If it is necessary, then remove it when it no longer is of use to the visitor.