There are multiple ways to attract potential clients such as using ads or a blog. The trend is moving towards having a podcast to promote your business as it helps you nurture your ideal audience.

In the world of money people get greedy wanting to get rich quickly and eventually getting scammed. The same applies in marketing where people think they post 1-5 posts or a video hoping to get a buyer. Even if you got someone to buy, you need to continue nurturing this relationship with the buyers.

How do you get started with a podcast?

Podcasts are technology wise very easy to create and consume. Listeners do not have extreme high expectations towards sound quality. You can use your smartphone, a Dictaphone or quality microphone system. Once you get your few recordings then you do not need to edit much.

Then you need a service to upload your podcast files. You will need to write short and long descriptions of your podcast channel. You need to create a square logo for your channel.

What is the most difficult part of podcasts?

Depending on your set schedule you need to produce content every day, week or month. When you start running out of ideas for topics then you start to suffer. You need to motivate your creating mind. That is where we recommend listening to enlightening and highly motivating music. Even consider going jogging at night.

An additional way of solving this inevitable blockage is to create a mind map. There are several opensource programs that are available for Mac and Windows computers. We recommend the opensouce FreeMap software. In the mind map you gradually define key words that represent your topic areas. From there you expand your list of potential subject areas.

How can I use the podcast to build an audience?

Many people think they will sell millions of dollars’ worth of products using a podcast. Fix your attitude to the true mastery of marketing! Trade expectations for appreciation. You need to provide relevant content that is in alignment with your audience and product range.

A podcast can help you educate your audience about your product related topics. Some startups have products that are way ahead of the market. People often have not understood why they need to adapt their way of handling problems you solve with your solution. Don’t go on rumbling like a headmaster telling everybody is stupid.

Go to engage your audience by getting them excited that they do not want to miss the next episode of your podcast. Let them send in questions so that you get new topics and better understanding of the needs of this particular audience.

Can I promote openly my business in my podcast?

Take into consideration that nobody will be willing to listen an endless array of promotional messages in your podcast. Some people have at the beginning or end of their podcast a promotional text to remind the audience who the narrator is, what the podcast name is and who is the sponsor of this edition has been.

Some podcasters record this entry and closing section before merging it with the main section. Others do this on the fly as they save the work of having to merge recordings.

How do I get people to know about my podcast?

Like with any service you have to write good descriptive copy and promote your podcast in existing marketing channels. This could be a post on your Facebook fan page or in a newsletter you send our using the Infusionsoft podcast promotion campaign.

You can run promotional ads to let people know about your podcast. People need to know why they should bother to search for and listen to your podcast.

So, you can use a podcast to promote your business! Do it smart and enjoyable.