You need first to clarify for yourself if you want to promote content you have posted on Facebook or on a website outside of Facebook. You will need to follow different steps to reach your goals. Let us start promoting your content outside of Facebook as this is what most people will be starting.

Use links and buttons to send visitors to your fan page

Your website needs to have a social links to your Facebook profile or fan page. Secondly, you can add a share button to your post. If you are using WordPress then you can install one of the many free plugins to help you with this.

Share your content on your timeline

When you post the content or the link to your content you will get your followers and friends to see that post. Depending on how your network reacts to your post you will be able to increase your reach. Reality is that Facebook is continuingly reducing the organic reach of posts as they want to generate ads revenue.

The key challenge here is to get enough engagement. One strategy is to tag lots of people you know will positively react to your post. Secondly, ask a question to get people to post comments under your post. If people share your post, then that’s even better. Facebook now recognizes when you tell people to share the comment and reacts negatively to you trying to cheat.

Tag people who are relevant to the post

As previously suggested, you can tag several people who benefit from your content or are related to it as they contributed to what you are writing about.

How to structure the post’s content

There are several ways to create a layout of your content body that you will post in Facebook. When you are posting a text directly in Facebook and not sharing it as pure URL post then you can use following structure:

Use an excerpt of your content, followed by the link to the text on your website or blog. Then close the post with a sentence describing what the article is all about and who needs to read it. Then add 4 to 6 hashtags. You can also tag contacts inside the text who contributed to this article.

Post your content on Facebook pages

You can post on a Facebook page (a.k.a. fan page) a post to promote your online article or post the entire article on Facebook.

Post your link on somebody else’s page

People tend to try to spam ads and fan pages of other people by posting their promotional texts and links. You often see that as a helpless attempt by unprofessional network marketers and scam artists.

This is a very aggressive and disliked strategy that will get you banned and degrade your credibility. We have seen this particular behavior from people trying to promote bitcoin scams and get rich quickly schemes. This kind of garbage promotion is even against Facebook’s promotional ads policies.

Share your page post on your profile

Next you can do is to share that post you created on your page to your Facebook profile so that your personal network interacts. Then you start inviting people to your fan page. Don’t expect everybody to like your page.

Start promoting your content using ads

At this point of your journey you need to be willing invest at least a little of your money in order to promote your content on Facebook. You can create a campaign to promote your content by using Facebook ads. This is where most people go wrong. They promote using text and images that are inacceptable to Facebook. Then their ads get disapproved or their accounts disabled. While you are creating these ads, you can boost the traffic to your website by promoting the website and its content.

What about using discussions inside Facebook group

When you search for groups that are relevant to your topic you can try to join and post a relevant comment that does not appear like spam. You can even share your link but if it seems inappropriate you could be kicked out again. So better comment first with relevant answers before adding a link to your outside content.