Systemizing your business is the first big leap towards business growth


In every business there are tasks that are repeated again and again. Some emails get sent to hundreds of individual clients every few days but keep being written manually each time. Such situations waste expensive staff time. Creating a set of text templates helps you get messages into a repeatable format. This is where you eventually continue to let a marketing automation system start sending messages that always happen during a given customer cycle.


Everything that happens manually must be so important that it can not be automized to a certain level. 70% of daily employee tasks in 90% of small & Medium sized businesses are being used to waste economic resources.

There is a smarter way to do business with less cost and more fun for everybody.


Marketing Automation is not complex but sensible


When you start implementing a Marketing Automation in your business, you need to take a blank sheet of paper and start sketiching your funnels, client communication paths and delivery processes. You do that with simple lines and boxes. So simple that everybody understands it and notices if you missed something.




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