The intelligent tracking prevention is stopping your cookies from tracking leads?

Most companies are advertising in search engines and social media. The average key decision maker uses an apple device. If you want to track leads to see if the become a buyer you need to use cookies in online marketing.

Executive summary

Apple started implementing on its devices the intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) technology. Google is also on its way to introduce its version of an ITP based privacy protection.

The consequences are significant for the marketing campaigns of businesses. By automatically removing the cookie after 7 days, ecommerce sites and other websites are unable to track which ads lead to a sale. This also affects Facebook’s ads tracking.

There is a solution to bypass this costly situation. Read on to understand that changing your online marketing strategy will decide if your ads budget is burned or put to work.

Tracking prevention is increasing ads costs

What started with the browser Safari has now already been implemented in Mozilla Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). Other browsers are following.

Already big advertising technology providers are feeling the cost loosing up to 173 days of tracking. They are going blind as the cookies are automatically deleted on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Marketing agencies with massive portfolios will see they clients campaign success rate dropping massively. Many companies are still not aware of this new problem that is arising.

The key issues arising for online advertising campaigns

  • Conversions are not attributed to ads clicks when they happened +7 days before.
  • Retargeting audiences only last for maximum 7 days.
  • Exclusion audiences of past buyers will only last for 7 days. This leads to an unnecessary ads cost increase as the ads will be shown to customers who just recently bought a product.
  • Lookalike seed audiences will shrink to an extremely small size. They only contain 7 days of users. The resulting lookalikes degrade to a level that makes them worthless.

Looking at the market share of google and apple in the mobile device area, you need to recognize that also smartphone tracking will drop to an alarming level.

Facebook is failing to keep up

After several attempts to outplay the cookie removal actions, they went to implement a broader advanced matching. That is only a limited solution to the growing threat posed by ITP.

The solution that will protect your cookies and save you your ads budget

You should implement CookieSaver ( to keep their maximum lifespan instead of just 7 days. When you surf the internet both your Facebook cookie and Google Analytics cookie will not expire in 7 days. Instead they are set to expire months or even years from now.

We can thank a Danish marketing-data company called Accutics. They work with companies like Dyson, Coop and Nordea. This solution is easy to set up and keep running without much additional work.

If you setup an account using any of the links in this article, you will get a free 30-day trial. Regular trail period is just 14 days when you do not use this link to register. Service Plans start from just €9/mo.