58. Generate new revenue from saturated clients

So many SMEs avoid interacting with their customer base to get that revenue from saturated clients. Their limiting believes create a mindset, that opens doors for competitors to take market share away from them due to their passive sales approach. We will be looking into ways how you can generate additional revenue from your existing client base even if you think they are already saturated and do not need anything else from you.

56. Effectiveness of Video Bait ads for Small and Medium Enterprises

Social media is exploding with ads. Many companies have abandoned traditional ads space such as magazines and newspapers. Even television is no longer a good platform to advertise on. People under 50 tend to watch movies on platforms like Netflix, amazon prime video or YouTube. Even Facebook has lots of entertaining videoclips. If you enjoy amateur video clips, then you will be chilling off watching Tik Tok.

28. Lets talk about audiences that buy

You need to attract the leads that are most likely going to buy from you. I presume you have been running some form of ads on search engines or social media platforms. That is why it is so important to target the right audiences that buy your products. Did you notice that sometimes you generate…