Organized website converts more leads

When you create or update your website you need to keep it healthy. This means you need to search for broken links. You want to have a website that converts more leads instead of irritating them with error pages. This health inspection is necessary as any link that is an external link or internal links must have a valid target page. So, if you have a page on your site with a link pointing at a website that no longer exists or a page on that site that has been deleted or renamed then you urgently need to remove the link or repair the link. Search engines to not like dead links on a website. It sends the crawler bots into error pages.

Is intelligent tracking prevention costing you sales?

Apple started implementing on its devices the intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) technology. Google is also on its way to introduce its version of an ITP based privacy protection.

The consequences are significant for the marketing campaigns of businesses. By automatically removing the cookie after 7 days, ecommerce sites and other websites are unable to track which ads lead to a sale. This also affects Facebook’s ads tracking.

There is a solution to bypass this costly situation. Read on to understand that changing your online marketing strategy will decide if your ads budget is burned or put to work.

How to effectively promote your content on Facebook today

You need first to clarify for yourself if you want to promote content you have posted on Facebook or on a website outside of Facebook. You will need to follow different steps to reach your goals. The key challenge here is to get enough engagement. Who will benefit from your content or is related to it?

How to use a podcast to promote your business?

There are multiple ways to attract potential clients such as using ads or a blog. The trend is moving towards having a podcast to promote your business as it helps you nurture your ideal audience. So, you can use a podcast to promote your business! Do it smart and enjoyable.

Audience engaging ads build trust

Therefore you need to start building a community of people who follow your brand. These people will hear and see your messages. Eventually some users will even share the ads and posts with their friends. You need to pick topics that are relevant to your business niche. Then you turn the topics into an interesting short story. Some topics might be very complex and others are easy to consume.

How affiliate marketing expands the market share

The sales partner (the affiliate partner) tries to attract leads and turn them into buyers. He achieves this via content marketing, via paid posts or emails. By having a large database of followers an affiliate can send promotional to his contact list.