Creating a meaningfull brand name is the first step in branding

Too many companies come up with brand names that do not mean anything. We are tought at university a branding strategy that can be sustained by large corporates with massive budgets. Medium sized businesses need to be smarter in their naming strategy so that they can reach their targets using their limited resources.


At the beginning of our first business we also picked a name. It ment something. Yes, it was an old word that is no longer used in the vocabulary. It means to respect and build trust towards the person you are communicating with. In todays world this word is in the thick dictionaries but most people do not know that word. So its limitations are there.


You need to pick names that people can relate to so that they have sort of an idea what the business is about. Since many of the short domain names are taken in many countries you have the smart choice to combine words so that the brain hears a short phrase. Now the listener has an idea and is more open to your deeper message.




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