In social media people are usually engaging with the posts of their friends and family. Therefore it is not natural for facebook users to consume commercials and therefore using audience engaging ads increases the chance of generating sales. Depending on the region people are more willing to accept ads in social media. Users do not usually go to facebook to buy products or services.

If your heating is broken, you go to google for help. You enter a keyword or phrase in the search enginge hoping to get a helpful answer. That is why most service companies get their leads from search queries. They hover around the organic results with their relevant adverts. Depending on the pain and mindset of the person, they will go for an organic result or call one of the advertisers for help.

Social media is not the place to search for help

So why do so many companies advertise in facebook now? They are trying to do what apple did with the iPads and iPod. The big brands want to create a need in the mind of their audience. The objective is to get people interested in a product or service they might not have considered until then. Buyers didn’t consider it before because they either did not know it existed or did not have a need for it.

Consumers are visiting facebook and instagram to distract themselves from their busy day schedule. Plenty of people dislike badly phrased and aggressive ads that show people bragging about how rich they became with based on their fake success stories. In order to differenciate an ads from the massive ads garbage you need to follow a particular nurturing strategy. It is the strategy of using rotating audience engaging ads.  increases the chance of generating sales

How do you build an audience for your offering?

When you pass a bus stop or wait at a train station you see ads from well known brands. If that brand is so well known, why do they need to advertise? They have to inform potential buyers about their offers. Now consider what a less known company has to do! They have to promote their services and products? Yes! And they have to promote their brand to build a community of people who insist in buying only that brand.

Therefore you need to start building a community of people who follow your brand. These people will hear and see your messages. Eventually some users will even share the ads and posts with their friends. They will even write about the products in their blogs and place links to the company’s website. Thereby, creating valuable backlinks for the company that originally built the community.

Nevertheless, people need a reason to join a brands community. The company needs to spread marketing content that gets people enthusiastic about what the company stands for. Thereby building brand awareness that contributes to the company’s overall market value.

How do you create engaging ads or marketing content?

You need to pick topics that are relevant to your business niche. Then you turn the topics into an interesting short story. Some topics might be very complex and others are easy to consume. You use a set of gateways that help you spread your marketing content and even diversify the way the content is structured. That avoids the risk of duplicate content penalties.