PR Media Reach is a Marketing Consultancy and Advertising Agency. We helps see through the fog of a globalized world of marketing. Marketing is for us more than just google ads, backlink marketing, SEO or Facebook advertising. It is about being relevant to the targeted audience while matching the culture of the platform where marketing is trying to spread an attractive message.

That is what differentiates our Online Marketing and Branding Agency from the majority of other market participants. We do not hand out endless pages with over complicating marketing activities. Our advisors guide clients on a focused path towards building a sustainable marketing engine. Our clients often want us to handle the more complex activities. We simplify work tasks and avoid scope creep. That is why clients of all sort of sizes recommend us to their peers.

What would you expect from an Online Marketing and Branding Agency? How about having a valuable conversation? It is good to identify the 1 key action you can take to increase the success of what is already working well.


Intelligence, Sales and Marketing

Trend Analysis

Use an intelligence decision processes. Mitigate risks by understanding trends. Evaluate opportunities to increase your leads and sales. Don’t be scared. Be prepared for success.

Brand Credibility

Companies with branding achieve a faster market growth. Get in front of media that helps you gain credibility. Brand instistance drives profitability way beyond all other strategies.

Stay in Contact

Dominate your niche market by constantly being in front of your target audience. Being relevant builds brand awareness and brand insistance. Your next sale is on your display.

Automation Software

Switch on your business autopilot by using sales & marketing automation. Focus your limited time on your clients instead of time consuming administrative tasks.


Individual advice and customer care

High value due to own software

Special marketing knowledge

Recommended & Acclaimed

Security and confidentiality

Deep technology competencies

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

  • The power of being on the "#1 German Magazine for the Global Entrepreneur" had a substantial impact on our turnover. People ran to buy our products and coaching packages. They also helped us get media partners for our events in Australia.

    Vikas Malkani (Singapore)
    Vikas Malkani (Singapore) SoulCentre Academy
  • Getting my niche product visible was quite a challange. With the experts help I could showcase to my target audience that I have the industry expertise to be taken serious. They got my content into magazines and I was empowered to generate my own media content to attract other media.

    Sam Komeha (MD / USA)
    Sam Komeha (MD / USA) SK Auto Service Tags LLC
  • When you want to launch new products and technology in niche markets you need to be focusing your activities and budget so to get the maximum possible outcome. With their help, I have been building up my niche content and getting it published in printed and online magazines.

    Mona Tenjo (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Mona Tenjo (Heidelberg, Germany) RespectStrategy
  • Focusing on rapid developing technology and entrepreneurship can be a challenge but with the right PR platforms it becomes a reality. So far I got my content on online and print magazines. I enjoy being interviewed on TV and radio.

    Yasmin Yazan (Frankfurt, Germany)
    Yasmin Yazan (Frankfurt, Germany) International Speaker and Coach
  • Thank you Christian and Sue to give people the unique chance for our target market to read about us. You got us covered on multiple media channels, including online and print magazines.

    Cristina Stavenski (Valais, Switzerland)
    Cristina Stavenski (Valais, Switzerland) Slow Philosophy
  • We help Angel Investors to find the ideal properties within the UK Property Market to get the best returns on their financial investment. The team around PR Media Reach helped me to get my message and content into the international print media several times.

    Kirstie Shapiro (Cambridge, UK)
    Kirstie Shapiro (Cambridge, UK) Creative Property Partners

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